Why we do what we do

We strongly believe that innovation is a question of forming the right alliances and reaching out to new partners

The world is changing faster than ever

  • The digital revolution has created new opportunities for businesses and consumers.
  • Globalization has opened up new markets and connected the world in a faster and more efficient way
  • Sustainability has become a major concern and the way we deal with natural resources calls for new ways of thinking and innovative products

These global dynamics have changed the way public opinion is shaped, how new ideas are developed and how businesses in the 21st century operate.

Existing business models are challenged

  • Established companies need to figure out new ways of how products are marketed and how consumer decisions are made
  • The “old economy” is under constant pressure to innovate, but it is difficult to attract the brightest young minds as they are getting more interested in working for hip startups than in the hierarchical structures of corporations
  • R&D and innovation departments in established companies are not able to redesign business models as fast as the markets are moving and consumer needs are changing

This calls for new ways of designing innovation processes based on novel forms of collaboration.

Our Solution:

Innovating business models in 4 steps

Our process is designed to provide a comprehensive and thought-out service with the goal of bringing innovation to our clients

Defining innovation needs

The point of departure is always based on your challenges. Together we define the objective of our search, start-up profiles and cooperation goals.

Global Startup Scouting

Based on your needs and criteria, we conduct a systematic, global search for innovative startup business model. For the search we apply Open Innovation methodology together with our content partner winnovation. 

Screening and Filtering

You receive a structured output of startups, screened and filtered according to set criteria. This overview serves as basis for decision-making in order to define next steps.

Facilitating cooperation

Cultural differences play a huge role when it comes to startups and corporations. Understanding both worlds is our key competence and therefore an essential pre-requisite for a fruitful exchange means enabling an exchange on eye level. Only then can we create real win-win- situations.

Max-F. Scheichenost, Alps Ventures, Singapore

In the 21st century it is of utmost importance to stay innovative and catch the next technological wave at an early stage. We are setting up innovative companies in Europe and Asia and fully depend on partnerships with corporations to elevate our companies to the next level. I can highly recommend NVS and we are absolutely satisfied to have NVS as trustworthy and long-term partner to help us bridge this gap.

Our Expertise

We bring a variety of experiences and competences to the table

Worldwide network

We cooperate with a worldwide network of scouts that are located in the most vibrant startup communities and provide us with a direct link to startups in their respective hubs.

Experience in both worlds

Our team has a profound experience in corporate, startup, not-for-profit and public service organizations, thus putting us in an ideal spot to really understand the needs, language and culture of our clients and partners.

Open Innovation methodology

We apply Open Innovation methodology in order to find the best startups and design beneficial cooperation frameworks. Our partnership with winnovation GmbH gives us the ability to work with experts in this field.

Our Team & international Scouts.

Our scouts are located in the most vibrant startup communities and provide us with a direct link to startups in the respective hub.

Werner Wutscher, Founder

Werner Wutscher has many years of experience in top management positions in public service administration and corporate management. In the last few years he has invested in startups and shared his knowledge and experience as a Business Angel („Austrian Business Angel of the Year 2012“). Understanding both worlds puts him in an excellent position to bridge the gap between corporations and startups.

Current Functions

Supervisory Board Functions

  • Non-Executive Director of the Board of Godavari Bio refineries Ltd, Somaiya Group, Mumbai (Sugar cane and Chemicals Company)
  • President of the Supervisory Board of the Österreichische Bundesforste AG, Vienna (Austrian State Forests)
  • Investment Committee AWS Mittelstandsfonds (Investment Fonds by the Austrian Business Agency)


Board Functions


Advisory Board Functions




iyzico, IQFoxx, docdoc, pos-vision, Wieser-Verlag

Mariana Huber,
Project Assistant / Startup Relations / Assistant to the CEO

Mariana Huber has worked as a startup consultant, were she supported founders of enterprises with budgeting and finance. At NVS she assists in projects, takes care of startup-relations and is responsible for administration.

Eva Steindorfer,
Project Management and Startup Relations

Eva Steindorfer has worked as editorial journalist at the daily newspaper “Die Presse”, where she was in charge of the Startup-series in “Die Presse am Sonntag”. She has also been lecturer and head of the Austrian Centre OCTANT at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). At NVS she takes care of project management and startup relations.

Our Network Partners

There are many organization active in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation and we count ourselves lucky to cooperate with the following partners

Alps Venture
Blume Ventures
India Investment
impact hub